The Most Violent Boxing Press Conference In History

Weigh-ins are generally a stressful time for a professional fighter. They’re coming down from a long stint of training and, more than likely, a diet which would make any normal person cringe. They have to in order to make the weigh-in, and sometimes that stress can cause more tension outside of the ring than in it. Then you have cases like the one between British fighters Dereck Chisora and David Haye. These two weren’t even at a weigh-in, and they weren’t supposed to fight each other at all! Well, at least not there. To be fair, Chisora has never been known for having a cool, collected demeanor.

Chisora had actually just gotten finished with a fight in Germany against Vitali Klitschko which he lost by points. In the post-fight press conference he was standing up on the dais and heard a bit of sh*t talking from the back of the room. Lo and behold it was David Haye. Instead of ignoring him or simply exchanging words, Chisora hopped off the panel and made his way down to Haye.

Both fighters got in each other’s face and only moments later the REAL fight of the night occurred. They picked up glass bottles and camera tripods to attack each other with. They were so zoned into each other that no one else could stop them. Adam Booth, Hayes trainer, attempted to break the two apart and wound up getting knocked in the face with a tripod by none other than Hayes himself, that’s how bad things got!

This brawl lasted for at least five minutes, and by the time the authorities arrived it was already dying down. Well, technically it had already died, and Haye fled the scene. Chisora could be heard screaming death threats towards his faux opponent, but at least he stuck around to deal with the aftermath. Hate fled back to Britain, though his manager did publicly state he would be available for questioning from the Munich authorities. According to the interview with Booth:

“We left the press conference, and it would have been stupid to go back to the same hotel as Chisora and his mob. He had said he was going to assault David, and then screamed he was going to shoot him and burn him. We decided to go to the airport and get an early flight home.

“What David did was a defensive reflex. The man said he was going to slap him, walked 20 yards towards him, took his jacket off, went straight into a headbutt and shoved his fist into David’s chin. Everything was a defensive reflex from David.”

Yeah, he’s a little angel too.

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