Watch Alexander Karelin Who’s Career Record Was 887-2 Go Beast Mode

Alexander Karelin is a man who many people may recognize more for possibly being the inspiration for Street Fighter’s Zangief than anything else, but it’s safe to say he’s the most feared athlete to have ever lived. Karelin is a Russian super heavyweight Greco-Roman wrestler, and he’s widely regarded for being the absolute best at it. To give you a kind of mental picture as to just how much respect most people in the sporting world have for him, Joe Rogan once said that he looks at a picture of the guy once a month, solely to remind himself how big of a p*ssy he is.

To be fair though, Karelin had kind of a big start in life to begin with. Born in 1967, he weighed in around 15lbs! His poor mother was only 5’6″, so you know she was having trouble all through that pregnancy and birth. You’ve got to give her credit for that!

As he grew older he kept growing, and found himself enjoying his time spent in the gym, training and wrestling. Coming to be 6’4″ tall and weighing 289lbs, Karelin could clean and press over 420lbs, but also included a 450lb bench press in his daily workout routines. He was so strong, that one of his most infamous wrestling moves involved picking up a dead weighted opponent and flipping them over his shoulder, and he was doing that with around 300lb dudes! It’s also an important note that he always did so without the help of any type of steroids. For every drug test requested of him, he made it a point to submit it as soon as he possibly could.

On top of his sheer physical prowess, he also managed to procure a PhD, with a thesis about defending against the suplex. That’s not a joke, the guy was incredibly intelligent, and he focused that on the things he loved most. Not many people get to say that about their lives these days, he really was living the dream. He worked for it, and he earned it. But most importantly, he never gave up. One of the most famous quotes of his that are true words to live by goes, “The loser is usually the one who is ready to lose. Fight, overcome difficulties, control your emotions – and you will win.”

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