WATCH: Aussie Truck Drivers Try To Stop Thief On A Violent Rampage

What would you do if you came across a thief in the middle of the night, attempting to rob a place you’ve stopped at? One of the more logical things to do would be to phone up your local police to get them to handle the situation, but there’s always the possibility that someone’s life is in danger. If that’s the case, can you stand by and let it continue? Two truck drivers in Yarraville were faced with that very situation back on March 16th of this year, and walked away from it knowing just how badass they really are.

Just past 1 in the morning while most of Australia was asleep, one man decided to attempt to rob a 7-Eleven. He drove his vehicle up and rammed the front entrance to break the glass, which seems a little overkill if the doors were already unlocked, but you can’t always expect an Ocean’s Eleven thief tale. Grabbing a crowbar and a sledgehammer the thief then makes his way inside as the nervous cashier dials the police, but they weren’t the first ones to arrive.

One heavyset truck driver makes his way into the shop and snags up the crowbar the thief left on the counter. The second follows in right behind, but the first guy wasn’t playing games! He started swinging at the thief and kept him at bay until the police arrived, but even with their help the would-be robber managed to escape the building. It is believed the guy had to be on some type of drug or another because he got whacked more than a couple times by that crowbar wielding trucker, but in the end he got in his car and started driving off.

The truckers both piled into the cop car and the four began one of the shortest chases from a 7-Eleven in history… he made it all of a few meters before crashing his car and the cops managed to arrest him then and there. It’s hard to say what would have happened had those two brave truckers not been there that night, but we all know the thief wouldn’t have made off like a king anyways… I mean, it was a 7-Eleven, how much cash did he think they kept in the register??

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