WATCH: Brock Lesnar Destroyed By Goldberg After 12 Year Retirement

This year’s WWE Survivor Series featured a rematch 12 years in the making, with current WWE and MarkHunt.TV favourite Brock Lesnar facing a formerly retired Goldberg. The pair last faced each other 12 years ago with Goldberg getting the victory on that occasion. It had been widely assumed by WWE fans that Lesnar would win the rematch, since he is signed to a longer term deal and Goldberg was back just for this one match. Wrong. The WCW legend had arguably the most dominant performance of his career and destroyed Lesnar in less than 90 seconds.

Lesnar started proceedings by picking up Goldberg and rag dolling him into the corner in a show of brute strength, but that would be the only damage Lesnar would do the entire match. Goldberg retaliated with a devastating spear, then went back to the corner and waited for Lesnar to stagger to his feet to hit another spear. He then picked him up from the canvass, hit the jackhammer, and pinned Lesnar clean in the center of the ring. The fans in the arena couldn’t believe it.

In a touching moment after the match, Goldberg celebrated by bringing his son – who motivated him to return in the first place – into the ring.

It is now being speculated that Goldberg must have signed some sort of longer term deal with the WWE. It’s unlikely they would let a guy not under contract defeat their biggest draw so cleanly. Stay tuned for more.



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