WATCH: Buakaw’s Latest Terrifying KO Is INSANE

World famous Thai kickboxer Buakaw Banchamek, popularly known simply as Buakaw, has once against dazzled the world with his striking skills, extending his win streak to six in a row following his knock out victory over Marouan Toutouh at Kunlun Fight 67 over the weekend.

Buakaw took on the Dutch kickboxer in the Chinese province of Hainan in a fight that was scheduled to take place over three rounds.

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The round length and schedule were certainly of no concern to Buakaw, who took home the victory by knockout in the second round with some incredible punches that saw his opponent faceplant to the canvas after Buakaw landed a particularly brutal left hook. Buakaw had stalked the much taller Toutouh across the ring in the end stages of the fight, landing heavy leather and a knee to the body, before pushing Toutouh to the canvas.

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Toutouh didn’t fare much better once he’d made his way back to his feet. Buakaw immediately launched an assault, backing Toutouh into a corner as he threw a wide left hand that connected square on the jaw of Toutouh. Wobbling as if he’d just been clipped by a bowling ball, Toutouh leaned forward with his eyes rolling back into his head, collapsing face first into the canvas with a resounding thud, the power of Buakaw’s hands just far too strong to handle.

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Buakaw celebrated, jumping in the ring corners and playing to the crowd while Toutouh still lay on the ground, the referee still trying to rouse him from his Buakaw-induced stupor.

The world-class fighter had been expected to fight renowned French-Italian kickboxer Fabio Pinca at the All-Star Fight 3 event in Paris on December 10th, but the Frenchman suffered a knockout defeat in late October to Anvar Boynazarov at Glory 47, leading to Toutouh and Buakaw being matched up.

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One thing is for certain, if Pinca ever does end up getting to reschedule his bout with Buakaw, he’s going to have to watch his chin because the power that man possesses is absolutely terrifying.

Check out the footage of the knockout below and let us know what you think!



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