WATCH: Conor McGregor’s Cryptic Instagram Post Follow Brawl With Mafia Members

UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor has once again found himself shrouded in controversy after allegedly punching the father of a notorious and well-known hitman for one of Ireland’s most powerful drug dealers.

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McGregor has found himself in the headlines recently for storming the cage at Bellator 187, with this news now adding fuel to the fire that the young mixed martial artist has well and truly started to go off the rails. He has now released a cryptic video on Instagram, showing just his eyes as he hides the rest of his face behind a jacket and hood, with the caption being “the celebrity”.

This somewhat strange caption refers to the Irish media, who are ruled by extremely strong libel and defamation laws. In lieu of naming McGregor directly as the man involved in not one, but three separate violent incidents in the past month, the Irish media will call him something along the lines of a “top celebrity,” a “young mixed martial arts superstar” or “a well known Irish sportsman”, allowing them to allude to McGregor without specifically naming him.

The story of the incident at the Black Forge is a little hard to follow for some, but we have a simplified breakdown here:

McGregor is alleged to have punched a fellow by the name of Ryan Byrn in the Black Forge Inn in south Dublin, a known hangout for gangsters in Dublin. Ryan has two good friends, the Timmins brothers, who have been harassing McGregor’s friend named Andy Murray, who is connected to the Kinahan gang. McGregor allegedly beat up the brothers a couple of weeks ago to get them to leave Andy alone.

Ryan was then talking trash at the Black Forge Inn when McGregor began to hit him. As he hit Ryan, he also hit another man, whose son is Graham “The Wig” Whelan, who is a top member of the Kinahan gang.

What’s interesting is that McGregor is connected to the gang through his friend Andy, but has managed to anger the gang by accidentally punching Whelan’s father.

McGregor is rumoured to be in hiding after being told that he owes the gang nine-hundred thousand euros for the assault.

Check out the video from McGregor below and let us know what you think!

The celebrity

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