WATCH: Cow Gets Revenge On Man For Hitting Her Mate, Becomes Internet Hero

With the Melbourne Cup now done and dusted for another year, the internet has obviously deigned to bestow upon us mere mortals another instalment of “When Animals Get Their Revenge”.

The video you’re about to see stars a man with some big weird stick, a calf with a serious case of the sh*ts, and an absolutely amazing kick landing on the guy.

Photo: WSHH

You’d probably feel the same way too if some bell-end in a white suit jacket with a stick tried smacking you while you were hanging out with your friends. Daisy, the little cow that could, absolutely wasn’t up for any of Tuxedo Man’s bullsh*t, and let loose with a brutal kick that sent the bloke flying.

Photo: WSHH

By the end, Tuxedo Man looked like he’d just been through a fight with every single rage filled person in the world who’s had to sit through their grandma’s Andre Rieu Christmas Album on December 25th. Seriously, if you’ve had to do that then no doubt you’ve ended up wanting to blast that bloke in his sorry little face.

Daisy the Karate Cow certainly wasn’t pulling any punches when she saw Tuxedo Man letting loose on one of her homies. Nup, she wasn’t having it at all and Tuxedo Man/Andre Rieu ended up covered in literal sh*t.

Photo: WSHH

He didn’t see the shot coming, like most good knockouts, and when he stands back up he discovers that his lily-white jacket is stained brown with cow dung. Suck that, that’s what you get for messing with Daisy the Karate Cow and her band of merry cow ninjas.

Photo: WSHH

Old mate is going to want to invest in some Sard, Oxyclean and Napisan before he gets home because he’s going to be scrubbing that flash looking jacket. To be fair, if you’re smacking cows for a laugh or being some sinister weirdo who’s trying to get them ready for bullfighting, we can only hope you end up getting knocked the heck out by one of Daisy’s mates, and then you can go home with your tail between your legs to scrub dung out of your frilly garments.

Check out the epic video of Daisy’s knockout kick below and let us know what you think!



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