WATCH: Cowboy Cerrone Lets Slip Jon Jones May Not Be As Clean As He Says

It sounds like the former light heavyweight champion of the UFC could be up to his old tricks once again, with a close team mate of his speaking out about him on the Fighter and the Kid podcast, hosted by former UFC heavyweight fighter Brendan Schaub and comedian Bryan Callen. Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone is generally known as a straight shooter, having previously been completely upfront with UFC commentator Joe Rogan on his podcast over the fact that he didn’t think Ronda Rousey was “hot” and that she threw “winger” punches during her bout with Bethe Correia. Rousey would go on to be knocked out back to back by Cerrone’s teammate Holly Holm, and later by Amanda Nunes.

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The video you’re about to see shows Schaub and Cowboy kicking it on some lounges, trying to work out who will walk away the winner of Sunday’s bout between UFC light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier, and the returning former champion Jon Jones. While Jones seems to be trying to make steps to keep his life in order, rumours have flown around over the last few weeks that Jones has been back on the party bus, and Cowboy mentions that Jones may have been on the “straight and narrow.”

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“What if I told you he’s not?” says Cerrone, with a familiar glint of mischief in his eye. This adds fuel to the fire of speculation that has been circulating that while Jones has not been using steroids or performance enhancers, he may have used other substances. Jones has gone on the record to say that he will definitely be partying hard once the fight at UFC 214 is done and dusted.

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This only serves to make Cerrone look a little worse in the eyes of the Jones fans who may not have forgotten the rumour that he had been talking smack about him while playing online video games. “He acts religious but gets drunk and sniffs coke off hookers t*ts,” Cerrone is alleged to have said during a game of Halo 4 back in 2012. While the thread on the Underground forums may have initially been looked at as a joke, it certainly seems like Cerrone has no problem stirring the pot when it comes to the embattled Jones, even if the two athletes are team mates.

Check out the video below of Cowboy on the Fighter and the Kid podcast and let us know if you think Jones is really on the straight and narrow, or if this is all a charade!



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