WATCH: The Fight That Made Joe Rogan Put An Entire Promotion on Blast

There has been a hell of a lot of mismatches in the last few years. Ronda Rousey versus former accountant turned fighter Bethe Correia, Amanda Nunes versus a shell shocked Ronda Rousey, BJ Penn versus a highly underestimated Yair Rodriguez.

The fights that end in under around, or under a minute, tend to be the ones that set tongues wagging, and sometimes it can be incredibly easy to see why the outcome occurred the way it did. In one corner you’ve normally got an incredibly talented martial artist, with years of experience, baying for blood and ready to go to war. In the other corner, you’ve got someone who shouldn’t be sharing the cage with an opponent the caliber of which they’re about to face.

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That’s exactly what happened at Lion Fight’s thirty-sixth show, aired on AXS TV. A tweet from UFC color commentator and comedian Joe Rogan was one of the first off the line to condemn the promotion for putting together a fight that ended in less just 15 seconds.

“The quickest round house we have ever seen!! Lerdsila showing us why he is a Muay Thai legend!” spruiked the AXS TV Fights twitter account as the man lay knocked out on the canvas.

And just who was the legend Lerdsila Chumpairtou, with a record of 183 wins, 31 losses and 5 no contests set to fight? You guessed it, a guy with absolutely ZERO professional Muay Thai fights to his name. Lerdsilla, by comparison, has been fighting since 2003 and has won multiple world championship titles. He’s even won 100 fights consecutively, without a loss. Chumpairtou is definitely not someone you want to fight if you’re only just about to have your professional Muay Thai debut. It’s akin to feeding a baby mouse to a hungry lion. A complete and utter mismatch.

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Rogan’s tweet regarding the fight attracted more than 750 retweets, and over 2000 likes on the social network and the frankly terrifying video soon went viral.

Check out the insane footage of the roundhouse below at the Lion Fights event and let us know what you think:



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