WATCH: Floyd Mayweather’s Latest Posts On Social Media Have Everyone Guessing

Floyd “Money” Mayweather might not be as completely done with boxing as he has led the combat sports community to believe. Mayweather retired in front of the world earlier in August after defeating UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor in their much-anticipated boxing super fight.

The bout was McGregor’s professional boxing debut, and he certainly facing some stiff competition in his opponent, who now boasts a 50-0 undefeated professional boxing record after dispatching the Irish mixed martial artist. McGregor had started the bout strong, arguably winning the first few rounds before beginning to fade.

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Mayweather, in turn, put his foot to the floor and began to accelerate his output in the later goings, uncorking a number of combinations that left McGregor weary as the fight went on. The UFC star was unable to defend himself adequately in the tenth round of the contest, eventually being TKO’d by Mayweather along the ropes when he could no longer keep up with the veteran boxer’s pace.

Now it seems that Mayweather may be looking to make one more comeback, possibly against McGregor, in about that could bring in even more money than the last. Footage has emerged of Mayweather training at his boxing gym, working the heavy bag, throwing slow and heavy mixes of punches.

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Despite now being forty years of age, Mayweather has shown few signs that he is battle worn. He may be a little slower, but his accuracy, tactical shifting and ringcraft continued to shine in his bout against McGregor, leaving many fans clamouring for “one more fight.”

McGregor has yet to announce his UFC return date and is thought to be weighing up his options as numerous “money” fights loom on the horizon. A third fight with his rival Nate Diaz is possible, as is finally defending his lightweight title against UFC interim lightweight champion Tony Ferguson who was crowned earlier this month. Finally, a potential super fight with returning welterweight legend Georges “Rush” St-Pierre could also be a possibility, though UFC president Dana White has ruled out any such match up until later in 2018.

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Mayweather, who is known to have experienced financial difficulties related to taxes owing on his many victories in the ring, is believed to certainly be in need of the extra money in his retirement, despite the fact that his bout with McGregor yielded one of the biggest pay cheques of his career. Would you be down to see Floyd Mayweather face off against Conor McGregor one more time? Check out the footage of Mayweather training in his gym below and let us know what you think!


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