WATCH: Footballer Gets 20 Year Ban for Cowardly Head Kick Attack

There are a couple of things you can do to get yourself banned from a sport for life, but kicking a bloke in the face when he’s already lying face down on the ground is probably up there with the top contenders. A young Queensland footballer has managed to get just shy of a life ban for an egregious assault that occurred on the field recently.

The AFL game between the Ipswich Eagles and Redcliffe Tigers should have just pottered along like any other game. Sure, you might get a bit of a biffo starting here and there, maybe even a few punches being thrown, but no one expects to cop a boot to the face when they’re lying sprawled out on the ground. Now, some forewarning, the video you’re about to see is more than a little violent. In fact, it’s pretty damn sickening.

AFL has had some pretty good scraps over the years…

The Ipswich player in question was sent off straight away, receiving a red card under the league rules. The Tigers player he kicked in the face had just fallen to the ground during a bit of a scramble, and he came out of nowhere and kicked him square in the face, sending his head flying backwards and leaving the young man lying face down. The player who was assaulted was then removed from the field with the help of two officials and was clearly not in a good way. You have to wonder what would have happened if he’d just punched the guy instead of smashing him straight in the face with a boot, right?

The nineteen-year-old who had been kicked in the face was unable to continue playing and has had continual health issues as a result of the on-field attack. He was unable to attend work, and will most likely be missing the rest of Redcliffe’s finals games. While it’s no consolation, the Tigers were able to power forward and secure victory, even after such a horrendous assault was committed against one of their teammates.

Exhibit A: Not a kick to the face

One young man is now left unable to work for the moment, and another young man has ruined his chances at being able to play football until he’s around the age of forty. All for one meat headed move that will probably end up costing the Tigers player some teeth and other health issues as he continues on in life.

“The player from the opposition … just kicked him in the head,” said Tigers vice-president Steve Brown.

Photo: API

“We don’t need this sort of stuff in our game.”

Have you seen a similar thing happen on the field during a sports game you’ve been involved in? Check out the sickening footage below and let us know in the comments!



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