WATCH: Gordon Hayward’s Suffers BRUTAL Injury in Debut Basketball Game

Boston Celtics forward player Gordon Hayward was stretchered off the court in Cleveland today after breaking his ankle in a fashion that would make even Anderson “The Spider” Silva cringe. Hayward suffered the break when his left leg bent backwards as he tried to complete an alley-oop pass.

Hayward collided with LeBron James as he went for the pass, and ended up lying flat on the ground just five minutes of game time into the first quarter of his debut for the Celtics against the Cleveland Cavs.

Photo: NBA

If you’re a mixed martial arts fan, which I suspect you are, then you’ll have seen Chris Weidman’s famous leg break of Anderson Silva at UFC 162 in early July of 2013. Silva’s leg kick was checked by Weidman, leaving his fibula and tibia completely snapped. Silva had to have a titanium rod inserted into his leg in order to have the break repaired, and it was thought at the time that the injury would take him between three and six months to recover from.

That’s certainly good news for Hayward, but given the incredibly disturbing angle his foot was at, we’re not so sure it will only take six months to heal up from. Cavs guard Dwayne Wade knelt down in horror as doctors attended to Hayward on the court. Star player Kyrie Irving was seen burying his face in his teammate’s torsos as fans came together to give Hayward a standing ovation.

Photo: UFC

Hayward was removed from the arena with his leg immobilised within an air cast and was taken for further examination where it was confirmed via X-ray that he had broken his ankle. An ankle break means there could be potential ligament damage along with the break.

Scar tissue can form within the joint, and when the bone heals a hard calcium deposit can be formed that will then wear down the cartilage and can potentially cause early onset arthritis. A clean break of a leg is bad, but an ankle or Achilles injury can potentially season-ending, with a much harder recovery ahead for the victim.

Photo: NBA

Check out the footage of Gordon Hayward’s brutal ankle break during his debut game for the Boston Celtics below and let us know what you think!



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