WATCH: Guy Tries to Start Fight and Gets Wrecked by “One Hitter Quitter”

There are a couple of things seasoned street fight fans might be able to guess pretty much immediately when watching a viral fight video on the internet:

  1. If someone is talking smack, that person is more than likely going to get punched, and probably go to sleep.
  2. If one of the guys involved is a lot bigger than the others involved than he is going to get the absolute stuffing beaten out of him.
  3. If one of the guys is bigger AND is talking complete trash then you can be 100% sure that he is getting knocked the f*ck OUT!

The video you’re about to see is one of those. The guy talking trash, the guy who’s a lot bigger? He’s about to find out that his smaller, somewhat tubbier and wider opponent is actually going to be able to “pop him” after being goaded into it.

Taking place in Boston, Massachusetts, you’ll see that the big loud fella keeps asking his opponent if he is “gonna pop” him. You can BET he does, and old mate’s face is about to look very, very different as soon as he does “pop” him.

Standing almost two meters away from his opponent, the small tubby man leaps forward, almost like Mark Hunt when he famously knocked out the giant Stefan Struve in the UFC. Landing with a heavy right hand, he sends the bigger guy clattering to the ground. While it may not have been the most pretty haymaker the world has ever seen, you can be sure the bigger guy ate dirt. So much so that when the mouthy douchebag finally gets up off the ground after being folded like a deck chair at the end of a party, his jaw is absolutely WRECKED.

It takes the big guy almost thirty seconds to regain consciousness after finally being “popped”, and when he does get up you’ll get to see one insanely swollen jaw.

Check out the hit on the player below and let us know what you think.



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