WATCH: What Happens When You Wrestle Someone Triple Your Size

Size does matter. Don’t listen to whatever they tell you, it does. Some people like to say “it’s not about the size, it’s about how you use it”, but as you’re about to see, once you’re outweighed by 300 pounds there’s very little you can do to defend yourself.

Photo: Narvii

This young grappler still thought he’d give it a go though, and the results are more or less what you’d expect. The little fella gets into a tie-up immediately before being literally lifted up off the mat and paraded around the gym like a baby. The guy lifting him is so absolutely gigantic that the grappler can’t even get his legs around him. You ever tried to wrestle a bear? Fight a Snorlax? This is what it would be like if the bear didn’t have claws and just wanted to carry you around for its own amusement.

Photo: BR

The big fella resets and once again the grappler tries to get in on him, this time hand-fighting before trying to take the big man’s back with an arm drag. The arm drag is one of those moves that works great on people that are around your size, but when you’re pulling 300 pounds of human toward you, you’ve got a few problems on your hands. The big guy shrugs the arm drag off like it’s nothing and they hand-fight once more.

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Ever tried to throw a boulder over your shoulder? Neither have I, but this young grappler probably has. He tried to hip throw his opponent on to the mat, but he was so light in comparison that the big fella just lifted him up and popped him back down on the ground

The final sequence saw the smaller grappler diving at his opponent, pushing with all his might like “The Little Engine That Could”. Too bad he couldn’t. The big guy literally throws his prey across the gym as if he were a ragdoll. It’s seriously impressive to see how far the guy goes flying in the end.

Photo: Supplied

Strategies for grappling a guy who outweighs you as significantly as that probably include running around in circles before he gets tired, buying a gun and avoiding ending up as a pancake on the ground if you can.

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