WATCH: Homeless Man Dies Saving Woman From Gunman

WARNING: The following story contains some disturbing footage and sickening descriptions of a violent attack. Reader discretion is advised.

A very brave Brazilian homeless man has died after performing an incredibly heroic act.

Without a thought for his own safety or a second of hesitation, the man identified as 61-year-old Francisco Erasmo Rodrigues de Lima fought off a deranged gunman who had been holding a woman hostage outside of the Sao Paulo Cathedral in Brazil.

The gunman dragged the woman along the steps of the cathedral, holding her in a headlock and keeping a gun pressed to her head. He then collapsed her down in front of the cathedral doors and held her there, at one point standing on her back and punching her.

Out of nowhere comes Francisco, who tackles the gunman off of the woman, falling face first into the gunman at one point in his effort to help her escape. As the gunman begins to stand up he fires a shot at the woman, which misses as she runs away. Francisco then begins to get to his feet and as he does the gunman’s hand jerks and he shoots Francisco square in the chest.

The gunman then goes and stands by the wall of the cathedral, looking quite panicked and distraught, before being shot in the chest and legs by police, all while Francisco stands behind him, bleeding from a ragged hole in his upper chest. Francisco stumbles away slowly before collapsing against the cathedral doors in a heap. The gunman dies exactly where he was shot, lying back on the steps, and the police close in to secure the scene.

Thousands of people have signed petitions in the aftermath, hoping to honor Francisco for saving the woman’s life and to give him a dignified burial.

The footage can be seen on the player below, but just be aware that it is quite disturbing and fairly graphic.



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