WATCH: The Internet Is Going Crazy About This Badass Blonde Girl Hooligan

Leave it to the Russians to take the extreme of something and raise the bar even higher. This organized, 7 versus 7 fight was to test out the mettle of a few new recruits, as we all know hooliganism is very serious business. This “audition” consisted of an all out brawl lasting for a good eight minutes before they wore themselves out, but there’s one brawler in particular we noticed was a bit more of a badass than the others.

Out of this large grouping of guys there was a lone female ready and waiting to join in the fray, and she came prepared! As the fight breaks out and the two groups (split to simulate rivaling factions) charge towards each other the woman is pitted against a rather large man.

This guy either knew she was a woman and wanted to prove a point or took some personal offense to her being there one because he just would not leave her alone! Eventually she’s put to the ground and curls up in a desperate attempt to avoid further injury, allowing another of the brawlers to intervene with the other guy. The moment she gets back up she lets slip the dogs of war and goes all out!

For the entire brawl the kicks and punches her way to being one of the few left standing in the end, even after the brutal beating she took in the first half of the… event. Many people are upset over the fact that a man was beating on a woman, even after realizing it wasn’t another guy, but this woman went into an all out free for all of her own accord. Should the guy have gone so brutal?

Probably not, but she more than proved she could hold her own against them all. Should people be doing these types of things anyways? Again, probably not, but that doesn’t mean we won’t watch them beat the sh*t out of each other!

H/T: Craziest Sports Fights



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