WATCH: Kids Reaction to Losing UFC Game Goes Viral

Raging after losing at a game is one of those things that most people growing up from the 80’s onwards will have a story about. Maybe your dad put his fist through a Space Invaders cabinet back in the days of arcades, or your sibling might have thrown a controller across the room after you killed them for the umpteenth time while playing GoldenEye. Maybe you’re a member of one of those families who sits around the table for a game of Monopoly, and the night ends up with the house being on fire while your parents discuss the terms of their newly planned divorce.

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There was even one lady back in the day who ended up STABBING HER BOYFRIEND after he continually cheated at Monopoly. How crazy is that?

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Now, if you’re a little more tame, you might have thrown your controller on the ground, but there are times when you want to toss that damn Xbox out the window after a particularly rough night of Halo or Gears of War. I know I nearly did.

You’re about to see a video of one frustrated little man who’s obviously being outclassed while playing UFC 2 on Playstation 4. The video was only uploaded three days ago and has already racked up thousands of shares across a bunch of social media platforms.

If you haven’t played a UFC game before, you can safely assume what it involves. Kicking, punching and grappling your way to victory inside the Octagon, and we can only surmise that the kid in this video is getting his ass handed to him by someone in a multiplayer game.

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Shaking the controller as he attempts to get the W, the kid’s eyes well up and he begins to huff and puff as UFC colour commentator Joe Rogan’s voice echoes through the room. Shaking furiously as he mashes the controller, tears start to appear in the young man’s eyes, and soon he is suppressing wails as his fighter gets pummelled. It all comes to a head when you hear Joe Rogan screaming as Mike Goldberg yells “IT’S ALL OVER”.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think!



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