WATCH: Late Stoppage That Results in Fighter Leaving Octagon on a Stretcher

The UFC Fight Pass prelims tend to yield some very exciting matches. Young, hungry up and comers with something to prove step into the cage in front of very few live spectators and a few thousand at home watching online to take their next steps toward superstardom. Most of these guys are ready to go out there and put on a hell of a show in an effort to gain more exposure, and last night’s Fight Pass prelims for UFC 213 were no different. Too bad for one of them, they’d be leaving the cage on a stretcher.

Photo: TRB

Light heavyweight newcomers James Bochnovic and Trevin Giles stepped into the cage looking to set off some fireworks, and they did not disappoint. The first round saw both competitors looking to establish their timing. Bochnovic landed some heavy leg kicks before the two men battled in the clinch along the cage fence. Giles managed to take down Bochnovic, taking top position and later side control. Bochnovic responded in kind, trying to lock in a straight armbar, eventually giving up his back to Giles who capitalised with heavy ground and pound strikes.

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The bell rang, and it would be the first time in ten years that Bochnovic had been taken to the second round.

Set to stand and put on a clinic in the second round, a confident Giles strode out of the gates ready to rumble. Landing a strong jab followed by a liver shot, Giles followed Bochnovic to the mat, again securing side control before taking his opponent’s back. Managing to get to his feet, Bochnovic looked to reset but ended up being taken back down straight away and having his back taken once more in the process. Giles threw punches unrelentingly until finally, the referee called a stop to the contest in what was definitely a late stoppage.

Photo: Esther Lin

“It felt great,” Giles said after the fight. “I love to come into the UFC and get my first victory like this.”

Bochnovic was left unconscious for more than SEVEN minutes after the bout and had to be taken out of the cage on a stretcher. Bochnovic wore probably three or four too many extra punches at the end of the bout, but will surely get a shot at redemption in the near future.

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