WATCH: Lion Takes On Hippo, Immediately Regrets Decision

They call him the king of the jungle. He’s powerful, majestic, horrifyingly scary when provoked and while he actually doesn’t live in the jungle, he’s one of the most terrifying apex predators on earth, and he likes nothing more than to munch of unsuspecting herbivores. He’s respected by everyone and messed with by no one. As the legendary Omar Little of the Wire says…“You come at the king you best not miss.”

Too bad there seems to be one hippopotamus who didn’t get that memo.

Mr Hippo was just chilling, having itself a relaxing afternoon lying in the sun on the African savanna. Probably thinking about all the Mrs Hippo’s out there that he’d like to chat up. Whatever he was doing, he wasn’t paying attention, because Mrs Lion rocked up looking for dinner for her and the cubs back home, and she thought she’d found it when she rolled through and saw Mr Hippo lying on his side having a rest.

Photo: YouTube

Maybe she thought he’d found a pre-prepared bit of dinner, kind of like the Lite N Easy ready meals you get at your local supermarket. Too bad for Mrs Lion, that wasn’t a ready meal, and Mr Hippo hates it when you wake him up and mistake him for a pre-packaged box of Jenny Craig.

Photo: YouTube

Mrs Lion realises she’s made a mistake and walks off as if nothing happened, telling Mr Hippo “it’s all good”, and to just go back to sleep. Mr Hippo was obviously pretty damn annoyed at being woken up though because he snapped like an old man who’s fallen asleep ten deep into a case of tinnies and woken up to find out his damn kids have spilt paint in the garage again. He gets up and throws Mrs Lion back and then spins her.

Photo: YouTube

Too bad for Mrs Lion, it’s not over yet. He picks her up by the head with his tusks, and then her whole head is in his mouth! He shakes her around like someone trying to mix up pancakes in a shaker bottle and almost looks like he’s about to eat her himself! Instead, he throws her off and goes back to get back to dreaming of all the Mrs Hippo’s out there that he wants to hang out with, and Mrs Lions slinks off to try and find herself another free meal.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think!



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