WATCH: “I Was So Mad. So Angry. I Actually Wanted To Murder The Guy”

Andrew Golota is a Polish former professional boxer, active from 1992 through 2013 and even earned a 41-9-1 record… but he’s actually most known for his dirty way of fighting. Twice he’s made it to the heavyweight championship against Riddick Bowe only to be disqualified for low blows, a feat most didn’t even think would be possible. The real kicker is that he absolutely appeared to be winning both fights, but cheaters never prosper and neither did he.

On May 21, 2005 Golota was scheduled to fight Lamon Brewster for his third attempt at the title. While being heavily favored to win he had apparently started some sh*t that caused Brewster to fly off the handle in the ring, knocking him down three consecutive times in the first round and prompting the referee to call the match.

According to Brewster, Golota had been harassing him before the scheduled match like some kind of edgy fight-lord in an action movie. During a post match interview, he had this to say:

“Chicago has the largest Polish population in America and Golota was trying to get brave and bully me. He tried to jump me before the fight, and then during the ringwalk his fans were spitting on me. I was so mad. So angry. I actually wanted to murder the guy.”

While there may not be any definitive evidence proving those claims, most who are familiar enough with Golota’s history wouldn’t find it too surprising. He does have a history. During his fight with Samson Po’uha he even bit his shoulder, as though professional boxing is any place for street tactics. On top of all that he’s also been known to throw a headbutt or two, so hearing he wanted to fight more kind of makes sense. Ultimately that bravado bit him straight in the ass though, and justice was served in the form of three deadly punches. Brewster got his point across.

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