WATCH: HUGE All-In Brawl Breaks Out at Baseball Game

Baseball players are often referred to as “sluggers” when they’re talented on the bat, but Detroit Tigers player Miguel Cabrera really lived up to the label earlier this week when he managed to spark a massive brawl during the sixth inning of his team’s Tuesday afternoon game with the New York Yankees.

The Yankees had just had their manager Joe Girardi and their relief pitcher Tommy Kahnle removed from the game after Kahnle threw a pitch right behind Cabrera in the sixth inning. Reliever Aroldis Chapman was put in, and Cabrera had a few words with Yankees catcher Austin Romine after Chapman had finished warming up.

Photo: VOX

What was said exactly is unknown at this point, but Romine took his mask off straight away, with Cabrera shoving him and then throwing some punches as Romine took him down to the ground. Romine definitely seemed to know what he was doing, managing to get the imposing Cabrera straight to the ground inside of two seconds.

The next part really would be a bit intimidating for an official on the field to try and control… Suddenly both benches for the Yankees and Tigers had been cleared as both team’s players raced onto the field to help out their teammates. It was absolute insanity on the field as player sprinted to join in the brawl, with even the outfielders sprinting to get in on the action.

Photo: TMZ

A dog pile ensued, with players hauling each other out of the fray, all while Romine and Cabrera were still throwing hard punches on the bottom of the pile. Referees tried to pull the players off each other, and while the brawl did dissipate pretty quickly, a lot of players came out looking worse for wear. Torn shirts, dusty pants, cut lips and bruised cheeks were the new uniforms for the Detroit Tigers and New York Yankees, that’s for sure.

No other players were ejected from the game. Romine and Cabrera were both ejected, with it being Romine’s first ejection and Cabrera’s ninth.

Photo: TMZ

Funnily enough, Romine’s own brother, Andrew Romine, was the utility player for the Tiger’s that day, so it’ll be interesting to see how both brothers fared in the brawl, given they were on opposing teams.

Check out the video of this massive all-in brawl below and let us know what you think!



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