WATCH: Mike Tyson Brawl With Bob Sapp at K1 Event

If you haven’t been following mixed martial arts for too long, you might not have ever found out that legendary boxer and knockout artist Mike Tyson almost ended up fighting Bob Sapp. While Sapp has certainly declined in the last ten years, losing ten fights in a row in terrible fashion at one point, he remains a regular competitor in mixed martial arts. He last fought Akebono to a decision in Rizin 2 in Saitama, Japan after a series of extremely questionable first round losses.

There had been rumors of a fight occurring between Tyson and Sapp for quite some time in the early 2000s. Sapp made his debut in K-1 kickboxing in 2002, losing his first fight before defeating Cyril Abidi, and then TKO-ing Ernesto Hoost twice in the span of just three months. He eventually lost by KO to Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic, but then managed his own KO victory over Kimo Leopoldo. Sapp looked like he was getting into his groove after having six kickboxing fights.

Standing in the middle of the ring after his bout with Leopoldo, Sapp was furious to see Mike Tyson step onto the canvas to respond to Sapp’s challenge to fight him. A brawl broke out, with a very angry Sapp being held back by several members of his entourage.

“I think Bob Sapp is awesome,” said Tyson while he stood in the ring. “He has awesome physical power. As I’ve said before, if we fight with the Marquis of Queensbury rules, I’d love to fight him… tonight.”

The two exchanged more words off the mic. “Sign the contract,” said Tyson. “Sign the contract.”

K-1 did eventually sign Tyson to a contract, but unfortunately, due to his status as a felon, he was unable to get visa approval for travel to Japan. Unfortunately the fight never came to fruition, and instead, Tyson went on to suffer two KO losses in a row before retiring.

Check out the footage below of the brawl, and let us know what you think:



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