WATCH: Mike Tyson And Muhammad Ali Debate Who Would Win If They Fought

Most people have a dream fight they would willingly pay to see. That one so special and so utterly bada** when played out in their mind that the world is already worse off for not having it happen, and I can tell you mine would be to see Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali go at each other in their primes. When you think about it, it’s two of the greatest in a bout that would be sure to stun the world, and that’s why it’s a dream fight – it just can’t happen. Well, maybe after we get proper robots and better simulations, but for now it’s a dream that’s persistent in my mind and the minds of many. You could even say it was a dream to the champions themselves at one point…

While it’s never going to be a true possibility, much speculation has already been put into the idea of it from a whole slew of different experts much more wise in their fields. No two more inclined to know what they’re talking about than the two champions themselves! Mike Tyson sat down with Muhammad Ali during a talk show with Sugar Ray Leonard at the Arsenio Hall in 1989 and had a wonderful discussion about it even.

When Ali died, it was as though the entirety of the fighting world froze for a moment. Regardless of the politics he decided to surround himself in, there was no denying he was one of the best we’d ever seen. He may have done what some would consider, silly things, towards the end, but that doesn’t take away from what he’s accomplished in his past. That’s who I’m remembering.

Then you have Tyson, who has to this day managed to keep himself in some of the spotlight from his former glory. He’s got a cartoon show of his own now, set like the old Scooby Doo classics but featuring himself, and still people will talk more about his fighting days. He’s a man who stood above them all, even if only for a moment in the overall history.

Between these two, whom do you think would take who in a fight? It’s alright to speculate, just see for yourself what the two had to say back on that talk show. It was a tentative question, but they still got an answer!

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