WATCH: MMA Trained Fighter Absolutely Destroys Would-Be Mugger

Anyone who has ever been mugged can testify that it’s one of the sh*ttest things that can happen to you; the feeling of fear and the loss of freedom can really mess people up and keep them looking over their shoulders for a long time after the event.

If you or anyone you care about has ever suffered the indignity of being robbed on the street, this video is for you…

In it, a bigger dude attempts to rob a smaller guy but receives a rude shock; the fella can actually fight!

Off camera, one of the smaller guys friends says that the other guy mustn’t know that he can fight, to which the cameraman replies “He doesn’t know, I guess not!”

Judging by the fact that they don’t bother to jump in, this guy’s friends are obviously confident that their buddy can take care of business.

After a brief tussle on the ground, the ‘victim’ quickly gains side control and begins punching his attacker in the face, all the while talking trash to him.

As the attacker tries to escape, his victim grabs his hand and bends it backward, explaining several times that he “Could break your sh*t right now!”

Obviously (and understandably) infuriated, he keeps punching the hapless mugger in the face before eventually letting him get up and beat a hasty retreat.

Just before he lets his attacker go, however, the victim delivers a nasty leg kick for good measure and tells him to “Get the fu*k out of here!”

A lot of these supposed ‘MMA trained fighter’ videos emerge and it drives some of you guys crazy but there are a couple of things that show this guy has experience in combat sports.

For one, the hold he gets his attacker in is an inverted kimura. Either he is extremely lucky to pull something like that off or he’s practiced it before. Also, the leg kick he dishes out at the end looks like it’s something he’s practiced many times.




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