WATCH: Pro Boxer Beats Up Guards While in Prison

There are a couple of people on earth that you’d definitely never want to share a prison cell with.

There are gangsters like Mark “Chopper” Read and the ever high profile Charles Bronson (the felon, not the movie star) who might spring to mind, then there are serial killers like Ted Bundy or John Wayne Gacy who you’d flee from on principal.

Photo: YouTube

There’s one guy you’d definitely either want to make friends with, or completely avoid, and he’s lurking in a cell somewhere in Russia. An ex-professional boxer, the man shown in the security footage below gets into an altercation with a prison guard. that’s when all hell breaks loose. Unfortunately, there’s no audio on the video to confirm what sparked the brawl, but it certainly must have angered the boxer for him to go as nuts as he did.

After shrugging at something the guard has said, he throws a mean left hook that sends the guard sprawling to the floor, out like a light. The boxer stands still for a moment, waiting. Alternative footage shows the man being pepper-sprayed, before knocking the sprayer down to the ground with an uppercut. It takes a team of five men to subdue the prisoner after he’s been pepper sprayed so much that his skin is completely red.

Photo: YouTube

This sort of thing isn’t completely rare either. Footage from a similar incident appeared online showing an altercation at a prison in Phoenix, Arizona.
The prisoner in question landed an unanswered three punch combination against a prison guard, who promptly dropped to the ground before he then punched and kicked the guard’s partner down too. More and more guards rush into the room armed with tasers, with six guards being needed to contain the violence. It’s absolutely insane to see just how much damage one man can cause when they have nothing to lose.

Photo: YouTube

Check out the insane footage below of the Russian boxer and the prisoner from Phoenix in the players below and let us know what you think:




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