WATCH: Bengal Tigers Maul Endangered White Tiger In Enclosure

We’re all about equal opportunity in the fighting world here at Craziest Sports Fights. Of course, that means we aren’t limited to covering sports just in the human world, but in the animal world too, and some big Bengal cats have managed to get themselves into a scrap with a rare white tiger that ended in some major brutality.

Weighing in at 570 pounds, two white tigers named Shreyas and Amar were chilling in their enclosure when they worked out that they could get into their neighbouring cage, housing some pretty hungry Bengal tigers. The brawl went down on Sunday at the Bannerghatta Biological Park in Bangalore, with Amar escaping the fray with just a few injuries to his paw and jaw. Unfortunately, the nine-year-old Shreyas wasn’t so lucky against its 485-pound opponents. Of course, there were three of them.

Zoo staff can be seen trying to distract Shreyas’ opponents with car horns and yelling but to no avail. Instead, the Bengals close in, hunting their prey down and biting down hard on the endangered white tiger.

Photo: SWNS

Shreyas didn’t fare so well in the fight, eventually being taken away for treatment on the 20th of September but was unable to be revived. In the video you’re about to see, Shreyas tries to run away, dodging her opponents, but is eventually surrounded, taken down from behind with a cat-style suplex and then the deadliest rear naked choke known to man and animal kind is sunk in. As it goes, it’s a shame it wasn’t a fair fight, the white tiger had very little chance of getting away unscathed once it was surrounded by three hungry Bengals.

Photo: SWNS

The Principal Chief Conservator of Forests, C. Jayaram, said that the government is looking to start an investigation into how the fight ended up occurring.

“In the meanwhile, we have also instituted an inquiry to find out why such a mishap happened,” he said. “It should not be repeated and people who were lethargic must be punished. Both the Bengal tigers are fine and they have been treated.”

Photo: SWNS

Hopefully, the investigation will lead to finding just who may have allowed the brawl to spark off between the two neighbouring breeds of cats, as there are no wild white tigers in existence at present, and they’ve not been seen in the wild for over fifty years.

Check out the video of the catfight below and let us know what you think!



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