WATCH: Rugby Player Brutally Knocks Ref Out

A French rugby league player is facing some huge consequences after attacking a referee in a French Cup juniors semi-final between Toulouse and Saint-Esteve.

While many of us may have dreamed of giving a referee a clip around the ears after a bad call, this guy actually did it, and it was absolutely horrifying to watch. All it takes is one heavy right hand to send a referee, and a player’s future career, careening into the dirt.

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The Saint-Esteve player had just been sent off, receiving a red card just twenty-five minutes into the game when he decided to take out his frustrations on referee Benjamin Casty, who suffered jaw and cheekbone injuries in the attack and was taken to hospital following the attack. Walking up to Casty after being carded, the player gets in Casty’s face and then throws a gigantic punch that lands square on his jaw. The referee lands flat on his face, knocked out cold by the assault. Soon the offender is fighting off members of the opposition, who are shocked by the violence carried out in front of them.

Photo: YouTube

Casty is the brother of former Sydney Roosters player Remi Casty who played for the team as a forward in 2014. The game was canceled after the attack and ensuing brawl which left fans, commentators and players in shock.

President of the French Rugby League Federation, Marc Palanques, came out against the player saying that he should receive a lifetime ban from the sport. “I hope that the National Disciplinary Commission, which will meet on Wednesday, will be uncompromising,” said Palanques. “This player had already been suspended four games earlier in the season and I did not want him to play.”

Photo: YouTube

The offending player had supposedly just returned from suspension before the game between Toulouse and Saint-Esteve. All we know is he definitely won’t be playing again anytime soon.

Check out the absolutely brutal knockout of referee Benjamin Casty below and let us know what you think:

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