WATCH: Shirtless “Tough Guy” Picks a Fight With A Bearded Bald Headed Bouncer

There’s a lot of bullsh*t a nightclub bouncer will have to deal with on any given night, and the fact that some people like to add on to it absolutely boggles my mind. First off, I have an issue with anyone assuming they’ll look cool to their friends or strangers for picking a fight with a bouncer.

That’s just idiotic. What really grinds my gears is when they start it as though they’ve already won. Yes, the machismo of a drunken “bro” knows little bounds, this I get… but when you’ve got nothing to back it up with?

This guy decided while on a night out with his friends that he didn’t like the cut of the bouncer’s jib and decided it was time to throw down. The bouncer, used to this type of harassment by this point, kept his cool and let the younger man peacock his heart out.

The kid whips off his shirt and begins almost dancing towards the larger guy like it’s a world championship fight. He just forgot to keep his hands up… among many other things any real fighter would have advised.

After what he thought was getting in close enough to throw a solid punch the younger fighter quickly realizes his mistake as the massive fist of the bouncer aims straight for his face. With a single punch the younger guy goes down and the bouncer gets on top of him, holding back a second and probably third punch he had ready. And who says people are inherently violent?

Just like that the entire pedestal this kid had built up for himself came tumbling down, as not a single bystander went out of their way to help him in the end. Maybe next time he’ll actually enjoy the night out instead of attempting to ruin it for complete strangers, but with an ego like the one he’s sporting there’s no telling.

I mean, even if your whole goal is to get into a fight then at least leave the people just trying to do their job alone, damn.

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