WATCH: The Contender KO That Forced Dana White to Issue The Fighter a Contract Instantly

UFC president Dana White’s Contender show has gotten off to a wicked start, with highlight reel knockouts galore. Well known for his over the top reactions, White stood up in disbelief at the culmination of Tuesday night’s bout between Phillip Hawes and Julian Marquez, and you will not believe just how chaotic the knock out is.

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In just the fourth instalment of the series, Marquez has managed to electrify the combat sports world with a knockout that has to be seen to be believed. The sound of the strike landing on the unfortunate Phillip Hawes is absolutely brutal, and White was sure to tell his Twitter followers that it would be “the most vicious knockout you will ever see.” Strong words from a man who has seen more than a couple in his time.

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Marquez had outstruck Hawes for much of the bout, landing brutal knees to the head and body in the clinch as well as multiple combinations as his opponent tried to circle away from him.

The knockout came when Marquez managed to land a strong combination of punches, driving Hawes back up against the cage fence. Once he had Hawes down on the ground, he landed numerous hard right hands before letting his opponent get back up to his feet.The middleweight knockout artist then moved forward and belted Hawes with a kick that didn’t just knock out Hawes, it probably knocked out every member of his family too. The sound of the kick connecting with Hawes’ jaw is something to behold, and certainly not for the squeamish.

Hawes collapsed as the shot landed and ended up laying completely still as referee Herb Dean waved off the fight. It was as if someone hit the kill switch on Hawes and turned him off indefinitely. White was so impressed by the brutal knockout that he offered Marquez, also known as the “Cuban Missile Crisis,” a contract with the UFC immediately following the fight. The 27-year-old is sure to make waves in the middleweight division after such an electrifying victory over a game opponent.

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“I didn’t fight for Dana White, I fought for myself,” said Marquez following the bout.

“I’m here. Bisping, Whittaker, you guys have the belts. Whoever takes the belt from them, that’s who I’m after. I don’t care for anybody else, you know? I got family that’s in the 185-pound division, so let’s go, let’s have fun. Let’s make memories, highlight reels,” he concluded.

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Are you excited to see Julian Marquez make his UFC debut following his unreal head kick knockout? Check out the footage of it below and let us know what you think!



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