The Moment Joe Rogan Finds Out About Hunt-Lesnar Fight

Joe Rogan has revealed what went through his mind the moment he heard that Brock Lesnar would be facing Mark Hunt at UFC 200.

The announcement was made to a stunned crowd at UFC 198 but none were more stunned than Rogan, himself.

“When the promo played and they showed Brock Lesnar’s face, I went ‘wait a minute, is this real?’”, he said.

“Then, when I found out he was fighting Mark Hunt I just went ‘that’s the perfect fight!’”

Lesnar has been out of The Octagon since December 2011 when he was beaten by Alistair Overeem.

He was suffering from a digestive disease called diverticulitis at the time and decided to retire from MMA as a result.

“I truly believe that we did not get to see all that Brock Lesnar is capable of in his first run in MMA.

“This is a guy who stopped Randy Couture for the title in his fourth pro fight.”

Rogan reckons there couldn’t be a better opponent for Lesnar to take on when he makes his return to The Octagon.

“I can’t wait to see him and I think Mark Hunt is the absolutely perfect welcome back party for Brock Lesnar.

“Mark Hunt’s a beast. Absolutely legitimate one-punch knockout power.

“He’s looked sensational in his last fights.”


In addition to Hunt vs. Lesnar, there are three incredible title fights taking place:

1) Miesha Tate and Amanda Nunes compete for the bantamweight belt.

2) Jose Aldo and Frankie Edgar square off for the interim featherweight title.

3) And finally, bitter rivals Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier go at it in a much-anticipated rematch for the light-heavyweight crown.

UFC 200 is shaping up to be one of the biggest events in the history of combat sports and for fight fans, July 9th can’t get here soon enough…




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