WATCH: ‘We’re Rich Baby!’ Two Years Ago Conor McGregor Gave Us the “Red Panty Night”

UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor has made a career out of his trash talk game. Now extremely well known for his ability to infuriate, humiliate and enrage his opponents, the Irishman first started making headlines when he trashed then featherweight star Dustin Poirier before their showdown at UFC 178. “His chin is deteriorating,” said McGregor at a pre-fight interview session.

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“A gust of wind and he does the chicken dance… It’s gonna be a first round KO, mark my words”. True to form, and earning himself the nickname “Mystic Mac” in the process, McGregor knocked out Poirier in the opening round of the bout in less than two minutes flat.

McGregor would eventually be matched up against featherweight wrestler Chad Mendes, who asked McGregor during a pre-fight phone call if he knew what wrestling was, to which McGregor replied that he could rest his balls on Mendes’ forehead. “I look at him as a novice, he looks at the floor, closes his eyes and hopes for the best,” McGregor would say following the fight, noting that he had out performed opponent in every way, having knocked out Mendes and whilst also making more money than him. “Chad’s last (event) gate was $545,000, that’s less than my show money. That’s embarrassing!” he said.

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McGregor would later make an appearance at the star studded UFC fighter’s press conference called “Go Big”, where many champions and contenders were interviewed by the mixed martial arts media. Reigning lightweight champion at the time, Rafael dos Anjos, was asked about whether he would give up his current match up to instead fight McGregor “because of the money and attention it would bring”. He had been matched up with Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone, but welcomed the featherweight McGregor to move up a weight class, saying it would be “easy money”.

“Ask yourself truthfully, if Dana (White) rang you and said ‘You don’t have to fight Cerrone, you can fight McGregor,’ even though Cerrone was still filled would you take it? You’re damn right you’d take it,” said McGregor.

“I can make you rich. I can change your bum life. You fight me and it’s a celebration! You sign to fight me and it’s a celebration! You ring back home, you ring your wife: ‘Baby, we’ve done it, we’re rich baby, Conor McGregor made us rich! Break out the red panties, we’re rich baby!

Photo: GoBig

“So don’t say you wouldn’t take that fight, you would take that fight like everyone else up here would take the fight against me if it was offered… I’m the money fight in all the male divisions, so f*ck anybody else,” he concluded, laying down the microphone as the crowd applauded loudly and a new meme was born.

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