When a 150lb BJJ Blackbelt Fights a 250lb Bodybuilder

You don’t really see too many Gracie Jiu-Jitsu challenges these days and it’s a damned shame. This ‘freakshow’ fight between former Mr. Utah Lance Bachelor and Professor Pedro Sauer is proof just how fun these novelty fights can be.

The fight took place a year before UFC, you could argue martial arts wasn’t as well known, and that you couldn’t waste hours watching fights on YouTube back then.

In 1994 Lance had something of a beef with BJJ and more specifically, Pedro Sauer. He issued a challenge. Sauer had just come to the United States in 1990 and had been trained by none other than Helio Gracie, so when he accepted the challenge his time in the limelight truly began.

Now, Lance isn’t some little dude – he weighed in for the fight at 250lbs while Sauer only weighed in at 150lbs. With that weight disparity the fight seemed a little lopsided from the outset. The only rules – no biting and no eye gouging.

There are a few moments during the match when an onlooker could easily believe that Bachelor had the upper hand, but don’t worry, the referee delivers a highly insightful play-by-play on how he was missing most (if not all) of his punches. Through the entire ordeal the monster of a man was at the mercy of the red-black belt holder.

He was probably thinking himself how he now had the upper hand and would deliver the ass kicking he’d been promising, that’s probably only because Sauer let him believe it though. After Bachelor seemingly tapped out from an arm lock the ref’s called the match, but in a letter to Black Belt Magazine a little later that year, he claimed he would have won had the fight continued. Sure dude.

This is the difference between a lifetime of training and a lifetime of weight training, weight training can get you big, but ultimately would have little use in a fight against someone who has trained martial arts and knows how to apply these techniques in the heat of battle. Bachelor went in and left assuming simply because he was larger he would have an easy time winning a fight even if the opponent was a martial artist, even though it’s clear he lost.

If your thirst for bodybuilders getting owned by martial artists hasn’t been satisfied yet, this one surfaced more recently on the internet. Whether it’s real or not is debatable, but enjoy the ride:

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