Woman Pins Down ‘Deviant’ And Rubs Breasts In His Face As Justice

A video has resurfaced of a woman pinning down a male ‘sex pest’, stripping off her t-shirt, singlet and bra, and rubbing her bare breasts all over his face as she attacks him.

The scene took place in Ribeirao Preto city centre in south-east Brazil and before the camera started recording, the woman was handing out flyers when the man began to pester her.

By the time the video starts, a crowd has surrounded the pair as the woman stands over the man shouts at him, complaining about the fact that she is constantly harassed while doing her job.

The man claims that he is innocent, was just out shopping with his wife, and hadn’t done anything to her.

Then the woman then takes a detour into crazyland: she rips off her clothes and begins to aggressively rub her titties in his face while whacking him.

This ever-growing crowd reacts instantly, with some cheering her on, and others complaining about the lewd act that is taking place in broad daylight.

One woman can be heard saying:

“This is absurd, there is no justification for doing this. How can you do this in front of children in the city centre? You’re disrespecting women with your actions.”

Dude’s worse at getting back to his feet than CM Punk!


The controversy surrounding the stunt was exactly the reaction the group was after: it turns out the whole thing was staged by a theatre crew in order to bring awareness to the unwanted advances that women are often on the receiving end of to when working in public places.

The piece was created by the Confluencias theatre group. It’s director, Fausto Ribeiro, had this to say.

“We wanted to expose and address something that happens every day to our sisters and female friends. This was meant to challenge people’s perceptions and empower women with the shock tactic of retaliation. We wanted to force men to think more responsibly about their actions and their consequences.”

The video was made at the end of last year but was deleted from Youtube. It has since been re-uploaded…

Effective or no?




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