The Worst MMA Injuries In The Sport’s History

Full contact sports have always, and likely always will, came with a good chance of personal injury, and none more so than in the MMA. Busted lips, cuts, broken bones and dislocated joints are all fairly common injuries, but every once in a while we’ll see one so brutal you can’t help but cringe at the sight. Of course the same could be said for boxing, but there’s things that happen in MMA I’ve never seen in a boxing match…

Take Canadian fighter Mark Hominick’s match against champion Jose Aldo during UFC 129 for example. Hominick did everything he could to defend against the onslaught Aldo sent his way, but in the end walked away with what could almost be classified as a second head!

Aldo was relentless with his attacks on the Canadian’s head and eventually left behind a hematoma the size of a golf ball. Within moments that little bump expanded to the size of a baseball and the fight was called. Right along with head injuries, even the women leave the ring bloodied and broken!

Then there’s the fight between Steve Cantwell and Razak Al-Hassan during the Fight for the Troops. Cantwell managed to put an arm bar on Al-Hassan that should have ended the fight, but for whatever reason there wasn’t a tap out. Cantwell continued tightening his grip as his opponent struggled to break free, successfully(?) breaking an arm in the process.

The fight was called and Al-Hassan spent the next few months in recovery, but at least he’s made a decent comeback since.

Those are just a few examples but there’s plenty more than a few that’ve occurred through recent years and even before that. MMA is not a sport you want to take part of unless you’re ready to accept a few injuries, as any fighter worth their mettle would tell you. There’s no denying that boxing is another sport similarly as dangerous, but there’s still more than a few who will argue which is more.

Sure, concussions and plenty of knockouts litter the history of both sports, but with all the added safety regulations and rules set in place today I’m going to say MMA is the worse of the two. Which sport do you think is more brutal?

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